Please use as directed.
Monday, November 16, 2009 (14:12:23)

Posted by Crippledcarny


Titans of Industry must be kept in cool climates at all times. Due to potential sparking, failure to keep Titans of Industry at 65 degrees Fahrenheit or lower is considered a fire hazard and will be in violation of fire code safety laws.

Please do not flush Titans of Industry as water contamination is a very real possibility.

Prolonged exposure to Titans of Industry may have adverse side effects such as headache, rash, high fever, bruising, weight gain, mild to severe acne, cyst formation in the lower pelvic region, insomnia, and in rare cases post traumatic stress disorder, or even dementia.

If experiencing one or more of these symptoms self induced vomiting immediately and call your doctor for further information.

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