Helping Our Community

Members of Titans of Industry Referral Circle are very involved in the Colorado Springs community, with many participating in activities with the local Chambers of Commerce, the BBB, and various charitable organizations nearby.  We are also a partner organization with Front Range Power Connectors (FRPC), a local group that supports those new to networking, new in business, or new to the area.  Many of our group members volunteer their time with FRPC and other worthy causes.

Our Partner


FRPC aims to assist new networkers by connecting them with mentors in the area.  If this is something you are interested in, please sign up via our website at


FRPC hosts a recurring monthly open networking event on the fourth Tuesday of each month.  Whether you are an experienced networker, new to networking, or anything in between, you are invited!


FRPC helps networkers become aware of open events happening in Colorado Springs and neighboring areas through newsletters and word of mouth.  Sign up on our website!